Google Home – An innovative buddy

Google Home

With AI coming more and more into our lives, what a better way to use it than making our home even more comfortable. This device let’s you control almost every aspect of your already smart home, and kick it up to the next level. The homes we have all seen in movies where they make our lunch, tidy are beds and practically deliver our every need, now doesn’t seem so far fetched.

What is Google Home?

Basically Google Home is a hands-free speaker that is powered by the Google Assistant. This makes your assistant a bit more physical, you can ask it to do certain tasks and using its state of the art speech recognition software and high quality microphones, it will recognise every word you say and comply to your demands.

What can it do?

The real question is what it can’t do. It aligns all of the smart items around your home. From Smart Tv’s to  your Spotify accounts. This means you can ask it to “Play your Favorite song list” and Google Home will log into your account and start playing it for you.

It can also be your virtual assisstant. Do you need someone to remind you an appointment or when you have to pick up little Timmy from class? Home’s got it solved for you, and it can also help prepare you every day with weather and traffic conditions.

But that’s not all, among its other features are:

  • Alarm clock
  • Calendar
  • Sport News (stay on top of what is going on)
  • Travel guide
  • Calculator (say goodbye to hard mental calculations)
  • Dictionary, random fact knowledge center
  • Sous Chef (as it can give you recipes while you are cooking)
  • And so much more you can come up with

It can also help shape and style your home

Not only is Google Home an useful AI partner, it is also a beautiful decoration for a living room or office. It looks like a futuristic lamp and it comes in the most beautiful colours, seven of them to be exact, and they will light up your house in the most fashionable way. Not to mention, it can also connect to Nest and Phillips Hue so that you can control the lighting and temperature in order to create the perfect environment for the right occasion.

You are probably thinking “wow, installing all this must be really troublesome and time consuming”, but it really is not. You just plug it into the socket, download the app on your phone and it is ready to go.

It is also really smart, and can tell the difference between different users, so if two different people ask for a similar request, it can tell the difference. For example if you tell it to play your favourite spotify list, and then someone from your house does thee same, it will be able to tell the difference and play a list accordingly.

It is only for being a companion or can it also serve as a communication tool?

Turns out, it is both, Google Home also has the amazing feature of  serving as a phone. If your hands are busy doing something that requires full attention, or you just don’t want carry around a phone anymore because it is old school, take full advantage of the far-field microphone and call as if you had a phone up to your ear.

Not only can it be used to call your personal contacts but it can also call businesses thanks go Google’s extensive data base.

Say goodbye to having to use your hands to stay in touch with your dear friends and family. Take advantage of what this product has to offer. No more calls over than hour than prevent from doing anything else and getting our arm and ear tired from the position. Enjoy a hands free and clear conversation with this product. As of now, it can only call numbers from the US and Canada, but it will so extend all over the world.

Now comes the best part. You might be thinking a product like this is worth an absurd amount of money. And you know what, it could be. But, thanks to the engineers at Google they managed to make the Home go for only $110. A brilliant piece of technology for less than $150, who would’ve thought it was possible?

When it comes down to it, Google Home is certainly an innovative tool to have around your home. Not only because of its uses, but because it makes you feel a step into the future. Especially if you’re into tech savvy ideas.

If having multiple smart devices is your thing, then look no further. This is the droid you are looking for and you will be able to further automate your home.

Where to get it

Get it directly from the source or at any large consumer electronics store such as Best Buy, Target, Amazon, Walmart …