What You Need to Know about Apple Homepod

Apple Homepod is a sophisticated speaker that gives a great sound whenever it is placed in the house. It comprises Apple music, technology and software. It gives users access to Apple’s music catalogues. And it amplifies music and plays a deep range of bass. This compact speaker helps to lower high frequency boom. It also tunes all frequencies for a less-distorted music sound.

Apple Homepod is an attractive speaker, which could be white or gray in colour. It is designed to have seven tweeters, six microphones and a woofer. It is about seven inches in height, thus, can be placed in any corner of the room, on shelves, against the wall, on the table or even in the centre of the room. This depicts that it does not occupy much space.

More than one Apple Homepods can be placed in a room. In this case, the two speakers connect and balance automatically with each other. Multiple ones can be placed in all the rooms in a building. They also communicate with themselves and the same music can be played in the same building. The number of homepods does not reduce its level of sounds.


Main Features of the Apple Homepod

Tweeters and Woofers

It has seven tweeters, used to focus the beams of sounds coming from the room(s) to an audio point. The tweeters aim at those beams, to create a submerged sense of space. The woofers are designed to face upward. They are paired with the seven beam forming tweeter, coupled with their amplifiers.


Six speakers are built into the top ring of the device. They allow the user’s voice to be heard even with loud music. After the picking of the voice by the microphones, a Siri waveform will appear on the screen as its attending to the commands made by the voice.

A8 Chip

A8 chip is the most advanced brain that is ever seen in speakers. It is specially designed by Apple. This chip powers the audio and upmix the direct and ambient audio.  It also helps in the beams formation so that the microphone can hear the user over the music.

Spatial Awareness

This complex speaker is aware of its position in the room or the position of other speakers in the house. It has the ability to detect a newly added speaker.

Siri- Powered

Siri is the assistant that helps to perform numerous activities on Apple products. When it is turned on, a user can say what he or she wants.  Siri performs the function of a musicologist that helps to locate songs, filter songs and to change playlists according to the user’s taste. You can ask Siri, with the aid of innovative signal processing, to change music to another on the Homepod even when you are a far off. In depth details of the songs played by Apple music such as the name of the singer, date of a bulb release and the track can also be known.

Virtual Assistant that Sees All

It is a mesh wireless device that is transparent to the music. It detects voice interaction and responds to all information in an automatic manner. We can say that this speaker has acoustic sense organs by its abilities to sense the room where it is placed, make adjustments to the sound, and then maneuver the music in the best direction.

Automatic Detection of Music Preference

Constant communication with Siri on the most preferred choice of music makes Apple to know the user’s taste of music. With time, songs automatically play on their own for the users. All these songs are stored on the playlists. When there is a change in device, the most played or preferred songs are where they are being kept, which will be available for the users.


Apple Homepod is designed to hide the identity of the user. Even with the regular communication with the Siri, users will be identified as anonymous to the Apple servers.

Apple Homepod performs some additional functions apart from playing music with rocky sounds. They can be connected with other home-made Apple accessories to perform some tasks in the house or to answer some questions.  It is a hub with many routes like the single light bulb, voice recognition and smart security gadgets. For instance, a user can turn on the light, temperature, ask questions about weather, sport or news with this device and responses to the voice requests will be given.

Despite these great features, this compact speaker can only function with music services that has Apple’s Airplay 2 functionality. The voice control ( Siri) can only work only with Apple services. This limits its usage as they cannot be used with other services.

Finally, the official release date for this Siri Speaker is December, 2017. It will incorporate many local languages apart from English Language. This will allow easy consumption by every intending buyer all over the world.  There will be higher supply in the United State of America, United Kingdom and Australia.

Where to get it

No surprises here, just head to the Apple Store this December.